Zirconia alumina blasting media for paper mill equipment

Zirconia alumina blasting media for paper mill equipment

Paper mill equipment is always full of thick dirty stubborn debris, sandblasting is a good way to clean the paper-making machines. Zirconia alumina blasting media is adopted for this task for its high roughness and wear resistance. The most used specifications for blasting are 25% zirconia alumina F24, F36, and F46.

Here are the advantages of zirconia alumina blasting media for paper mill equipment:

1. Hardness: Zirconia alumina is an exceptionally hard material with an HV hardness of 20.5-21GPa. That makes it effective for removing tough coatings, rust, and other surface contaminations. Its hardness allows it to effectively clean and prepare surfaces without causing any damage.


2. Durability: Zirconia fused alumina grain is known for its durability for its small crystal size of 10-14um. That means it loses a very small weight for each grinding. This makes it a cost-effective choice as it can be reused multiple times before needing replacement.


3. Self-sharpening: Zirconia alumina can self-sharpen during the blasting process. This means that the edges of the particles remain sharp, ensuring consistent and effective cutting action for the duration of its use.


4. Low heat build-up: The low heat build-up properties of zirconia corundum make it suitable for applications where excessive heat can cause damage, such as in the removal of coatings from sensitive surfaces like plastic or wood.


5. Low dust generation: Compared to other blasting media options, zirconia corundum produces less dust during the blasting process. This can be advantageous for maintaining a cleaner and healthier work environment.


Overall, zirconia alumina is a popular choice for blasting media due to its hardness, durability, abrasiveness, self-sharpening capability, low heat build-up, and low dust generation properties.

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