Ceramic beads B60 blasting media for titanium alloy heat exchanger 

Ceramic beads B60 blasting media is suitable for brightening the peening surface of titanium alloy heat exchangers. It is a type of molten zirconium microbead. The material of zirconia makes this shot-blasting media extremely durable. Ceramic beads are produced by electric melting and blowing. After sieving, it has a high roundness rate, with a spheroidization more than 85%. For blasting on titanium alloy heat exchanger shells, Ceramic beads B60 can improve the surface texture of the shell and achieve the goal of stress relief.

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Zirconia alumina blasting media for paper mill equipment

Paper mill equipment is always full of thick dirty stubborn debris, sandblasting is a good way to clean the paper-making machines. Zirconia alumina blasting media is adopted for this task for its high roughness and wear resistance. The most used specifications for blasting are 25% zirconia alumina F24, F36, and F46.

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The Usage of Zirconium Silicate Beads

Zirconium silicate beads are a spherical sandblasting abrasive, mainly composed of fused zirconia. Its color is opaque and glossy white, and its hardness is higher than that of glass beads. Due to the high wear resistance of zirconia, zirconia silicate sandblasting abrasives have a particularly durable feature, with a trial service life of 25 times that of glass beads. Used for sandblasting metals and alloys, it can achieve a bright and smooth surface effect.

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What is zirconium electro corundum?

Zirconium electro corundum is a type of fused alumina-zirconia composite abrasive that adds zirconium materials( such as zircon sand or desilication zirconium) in the fusing process. The zirconia content of zirconia corundum is 25-40%. According to the different ZrO2 content, zirconia corundum is divided into AZ25 and AZ40. The wear resistance of zirconia corundum is dozens of times higher than that of corundum melted from single alumina or bauxite alumina. It is an abrasive material with high toughness and wear resistance.

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