Ceramic beads B60 blasting media for titanium alloy heat exchanger 

Ceramic beads B60 blasting media for titanium alloy heat exchanger

Ceramic beads B60 blasting media is suitable for brightening the peening surface of titanium alloy heat exchangers. It is a type of molten zirconium microbead. The material of zirconia makes this shot-blasting media extremely durable. Ceramic beads are produced by electric melting and blowing. After sieving, it has a high roundness rate, with a spheroidization more than 85%. For blasting on titanium alloy heat exchanger shells, Ceramic beads B60 can improve the surface texture of the shell and achieve the goal of stress relief.

Shot blasting can make tough surfaces on titanium alloy through high-pressure gas. It can remove stress from the surface of the titanium alloy. Titanium alloy casting sandblasting is the application of sandblasting technology to titanium alloy castings. It can effectively eliminate casting stress and hot rust layer, and improve the quality and performance of the parts. Through ceramic beads B60 shot peening treatment, the surface of titanium alloy products will be smoother, with higher smoothness and better corrosion resistance, which can extend the service life of titanium alloy products.

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