The Usage of Zirconium Silicate Beads

The Usage of Zirconium Silicate Beads

Zirconium silicate beads are a spherical sandblasting abrasive, mainly composed of fused zirconia. Its color is opaque and glossy white, and its hardness is higher than that of glass beads. Due to the high wear resistance of zirconia, zirconia silicate sandblasting abrasives have a particularly durable feature, with a trial service life of 25 times that of glass beads. Used for sandblasting metals and alloys, it can achieve a bright and smooth surface effect.

The applications and usage of zirconium silicated beads are very wide. They cover the following fields:

1. The mechanical industry, such as precision molds, gear, and bearings shot peening and brightening treatment. It can also clean the burrs and burrs of molds and mechanical parts.
2. Medical equipment in the industry, such as surgical knives, artificial joints, and human-implanted alloy materials. Ceramic sand shot blasting can achieve a bright and non-reflective surface effect.
3. Surface shot peening treatment for high-speed rail and automotive parts. It can be used for sandblasting the surface of high-speed iron aluminum alloy components, car engine casings, car wheels, new energy vehicle accessories, and other parts to enhance the metal texture and form a smooth satin effect, preparing for subsequent surface painting. Meanwhile, zirconium silicate shot peening can also improve fatigue strength and enhance the impact resistance of alloy components.
4. Electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches have sandblasted metal casings. After shot peening, the metal shell has a uniform and soft matte brightening effect, while also possessing anti-fingerprint touch characteristics.
5. In the field of daily use, such as alloy parts of kitchenware and sports equipment, after sandblasting with zirconium silicate beads, the surface metal effect is delicate, antibacterial, and prevents fingerprint residue. It can replace chemical methods for brightening treatment, prevent chemical pollution, and improve surface treatment efficiency.
6. The fatigue resistance and surface stress elimination of aerospace components such as aircraft wings, turbine blades, gears, landing gears, and other aerospace mechanical components.


The available grit sizes of zirconium silicate are B20 B30 B40 B60 B80 B100 B120 B125 B170 B205 B400 B500.

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