Application of shot peening beads Z100-Z300/Z425-Z850

Application of shot peening beads Z100-Z300/Z425-Z850


Shot peening beads Z type is a Zirconia Ceramic beads that Spheroidization min. 90%. The available sizes are Z100-Z300 and Z425-Z850. It is mostly suitable for aviation and Aerospace components surface treatment.

Aircraft structural components: Z100-Z300/Z425-Z850 ceramic shot peening media is used for shot peening forming of horizontal and vertical tail wings of aircraft. As well as shot peening strengthening of fuselage skin structural components. It can improve the fatigue life of parts.

Aircraft engine: Z100-Z300/Z425-Z850 shot peening beads are used for high-temperature and high-load single crystal blade surface shot peening strengthening. It effectively suppresses the propagation of micro cracks and pitting corrosion on the blade surface. Ceramic beads Z100-Z850 can improve the fatigue life of aircraft engine blades by more than 20%.

Aircraft landing gear: Z series of ceramic shot peening are used for aircraft landing gear high-strength steel shot peening. It can strengthen and effectively improve the surface hardness and residual compressive stress of landing gear. It is commonly used for second-shot peening to reduce the surface roughness of landing gear.

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