Fused Zirconia

Fused Zirconia is an electro-fused desilicated zircon material at 2800 degree in an arc furnace.

$1,800.00$1,950.00 / MT

Fused Zirconia is an electro-fused desilicated zircon material at 2800 degree in an arc furnace.

It is widely used in ceramic, refractory, wear resistance and metallurgy industries. Fused zirconia is suitable for metallurgical components such as nozzle, sliding gate and ceramic glaze material,etc.

Fused Zirconia Product features:

  1. Highrefractoriness and hardness.
  2. Excellent thermal shock resistance.
  3. Goodcorrosion
  4. High chemical purity and low impurity content.
  5. Narrow particle size distribution;

Fused Zirconia Specification:

ItemFZ-99(bubble)FZ-31(12 micron powder)FZ-61(3micron powder)
ZrO2Min. 99Min. 98.5Min. 98.5

Fused Zirconia Application:

  1. Refractory materials

Adding zirconia to corundum bricks, high alumina bricks, magnesia bricks and other refractory products can greatly enhance the chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature performance of refractories, and significantly improve the thermal shock stability. Therefore, as an excellent new high-grade refractory, fused zirconia is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics and other industries, such as fixed diameter nozzle, sliding plate, submerged nozzle, high-temperature nozzle, crucible, etc.

  1. Abrasive materials

It can be mixed with oxidized Al to make coarse abrasive particles, which can be used to make abrasive particles attached to the surface of grinding wheels for grinding steel and metal alloys.

  1. Advancedceramics

Zirconia has high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent physical and chemical properties, which can be widely used in electronic ceramics, functional ceramics, structural ceramics and other fields.

  1. Ceramic pigment

It can be used to prepare various zirconium based pigments for glaze and body, including zirconium praseodymium yellow, zirconium vanadium blue, zircon iron red, zirconium vanadium yellow, etc. The high-purity fused zirconium provided by our company has good color development effect for corresponding pigments.


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