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HAIXU Abrasive Ltd is a professional Supplier of Zircon related material for over two decades in China. We have both manufacturing and trading resource for industrial technologies.

Our company dedicated to supply reliable Zircon sand, Zirconia fused alumina, Fused Zirconia, Zirconia beads and other Zirconium based materials.

Haixu owns capabilities of high quality zircon based materials in the fields of abrasive, refractory, shot blasting, and wear resistance. Those applications covers many advanced technology customers such as metal fabrication, steel making, abrasive tools, industrial devices, aero facility, advanced material, etc.

With strict quality control system, multiple raw material source and powerful application knowledge, HAIXU is always there to provide good quality products and service to meet customer’s needs.

“Zircon-the oldest known mineral on our planet
         used in sime of the newest technologies…”

Key Industries Supplied

The versatility of zirconium based materials has led them to be used in a wide range of industries and they are finding increased application in technically demanding applications, particularly high temperature environments.

These are some key industries we supply into…

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Worldwide Network

We have an network of suppliers and business partners that help us serve our global customer base.

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